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At MiMutual Mortgage Baltimore, MD, our family of experienced mortgage loan officers are ready to guide you through your own mortgage story, supporting you to reach YOUR goals, in YOUR time frame, how YOU want to. Whether you are looking to purchase, remodel or refinance, let us customize a mortgage lending option to meet your needs. Come say hello at our Baltimore location, give us a call on the number below or click 'Apply Now' and complete the online application to start your mortgage journey today.


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At MiMutual Mortgage, Baltimore Maryland, we are committed to being in your corner and promise to empower you with all the information needed to choose the right loan for you. Whether you are looking to purchase, refinance or remodel, we’d love to hear from you.

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Melinda Munk

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Lisa Young

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Joseph Coleman

Reviewed for Mindy Munk on Jul-22-2021
This is the second time Mindy has helped me through a process like this. She is very friendly and a an absolute joy to interact with. I plan to utilize her expertise in all my future transactions if possible.
Damon Stewart from Glen Burnie, Maryland
Reviewed for Mindy Munk on Jul-15-2021
The absolute best customer service, very knowledgeable and friendly
Nikos Routzounis from Edgewood, Maryland
Reviewed for Joseph P. Coleman, III on Jul-15-2021
The help I received
Marsha Tyson from Pringle, Pennsylvania
Reviewed for Mindy Munk on Jul-15-2021
Mindy’s personality and willingness to explain things in ways that I can understand. She is patient and easy to get along with. I’d recommend her to anyone, and already have!
Miriah Wilson from Williamsport, Maryland
Reviewed for Mindy Munk on Jul-13-2021
Mindy was great made myself and my wife feel as though we had know her for a long time and was always available for any question and she also introduced us to Rose one of the best real estate agent that i know always available like Mindy they both are so similar i would recommend them to the world cause that's just how they made us feel like we was the only ones in it
Parobe Coley from Baltimore, Maryland
Reviewed for Mindy Munk on Jul-13-2021
Mindy was excellent and provided us with so much information. She always reassured us to ask questions if needed. Mindy addressed our concerns in a timely manner. It really was a pleasure working with someone who showed interest in our future. I never doubted her advice because she displayed confidence.
Charity Coley from Baltimore, Maryland
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